Sunday, January 3, 2010

Flower arranging

Here is a very simple arrangement from my garden. Every Saturday morning, I roam around my garden to get the inspiration for my flower arrangements for the house. I like to pick interesting greenery to use in arrangements. Among other things, I grow South African native Proteas.  This particular type of Proteas is called Wilson Wonder (Leucadendron), known for being long lasting in the flower arrangements. Often I like to arrange one type of flowers to make a statement, rather than making a M & M arrangement. 
Here, I used a Waterford vase for arranging proteas. I want to enjoy the sparkle of the vase as well as the flowers. In this arrangement, I completely left out the flowers and decided to use only greenery.  When you want to make a sophisticated arrangement, keep the arrangement simple and clean. I accessorized the flowers with candles to bring interest to the table.

A simple arrangement in a crystal vase makes a statement on its own on my kitchen table. 


 Arthur Court candle holders are a favorite of mine.

Coordinated candles for the arrangement.

To enjoy the beauty of the vase, keep the arrangement simple.  
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  1. Those flowers are just lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very pretty!
    I love to have fresh flowers in my house too.

  3. Oh, how beautiful those proteas are.

  4. I love those flowers and the candle is perfect for them! I try to always have some fresh flowers in my house---even if it is small!