Sunday, February 7, 2010

Edible centerpiece -Tangerines

This is that time of year again - when my citrus trees branches are breaking with overbearing fruit. Mother Nature is giving me a signal to eat more vitamin C to stay healthy. During winter, I replace flowers with homegrown fruits to encourage my family to eat more fruits. By making an edible centerpiece with tangerines on the kitchen table, I am enticing my family to pick up fruits for a snack.



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  1. Pretty, tangerines.

  2. How lucky you are! I wish we had one in our yard.

  3. I like fruit centerpieces especially in the winter when flowers are so dear -- but ours come from the market and not the yard -- I envy you yours! A beautiful centerpiece!

  4. I love fresh fruits and vegetables used as centerpieces! I can't imagine having these grow in my yard--lucky you! We have 6 inches of snow today and that is a rarity for us!

  5. The orange of the tangerines is perfect! How lucky to take this centerpiece right from the garden.