Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kitchen garden

Today's post is all about the metamorphosis of the kitchen garden at the Nunna farm.  

At the farm, we have been very busy for the past two weeks, planting our kitchen garden. 

Farmer Mal worked very hard, tilling the land and making the rows. 

He had to make sure all the rows were perfectly straight.

Even though I live in California, the temperature in the area I live in does not get too hot. Since I want to grow lots of Indian vegetables, I cover the rows with a black sheet to prevent weeds from growing and to raise the soil temperature to grow tropical vegetables.

The seedlings are gathered and ready to be transplanted.

I always tend to buy more plants than needed and I end up crowding the plot.

The tomato seedlings were placed on the rows and were ready to be planted.

My Indian vegetable seeds were soaked overnight to speed up the germination process.

Planting away.

All the seedlings are in the ground.

The seeds were sowed.  Today's forecast says that rain is on its way.  Can't wait!

Now my kitchen garden is in place. We have multiple generations of rabbits living in our farm. I only pray that the rabbits won't pay an overnight visit to the kitchen garden for dinner.

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  1. You are going to have a wonderfully huge kitchen garden by the looks!

  2. Wow. That's a lot of hard work. It looks fantastic. The rewards will be great.

  3. Gardens are such hard work, but always worth the effort!


  4. I hope that you have just the right amount of rain and that the rabbits steer clear of your garden. What a beautiful garden it is too!!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. The field looks perfect for a god start of the plants. I wish you that all this tomatoes, chilies and aubergines will grow up and spent you a lot of fruits and vegetables. It amazed me to see the seeds of Dolichos lablab in the bottom row of the seeds. Do you use this plant for food? I had it just for the nice colored flowers.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Hi Johanna,
    Do you mean marigold seeds? Marigold has insecticidal properties. Marigold produces a substance called alpha-terthienyl which can aid to to reduction of nematodes and disease reducing organisms. That is the reason I like to incorporate marigolds into my kitchen garden. I don't cook with them.

  7. I used to grow veggies but the shade of my new property won't allow for it. You garden is lovely. I hope you get the rain and sun you need and those pesky rabbits stay away; I'm looking forward to seeing your exotic plants grow!

  8. I love gardening. What a great garden you have. Isn't it wonderful to "loose" yourself in the garden.

  9. wow....what a load of work! and to have all the rows come out perfect!!! it looks great...and I bet you feel good...a little dirt therapy goes a LONG way!

  10. This looks fantastic. I have yet to try my hand at growing my own vegetables. Not only do I not have a backyard, but I do not have the greenest thumb either. The only things that live around here, are the ones that require zero maintenance. Maybe I can learn to tend to more picky things, and grown some lovely food for my family. The only thing I have managed to grow so far, are three curry plants, and after the weather cools off again, and I need to bring them inside, Im afraid they will die. They were doing very bad, as they had gotten infested with spider mites, but after a good wash, and being taken outside they started bouncing back, and have grown very well over the summer. Do you have any suggestions on growing curry plants indoors, when the time comes to bring them back inside? Thanks Komali, for sharing your wonderful garden, it looks fantastic.

  11. Hi Bella,
    If you live in colder climate, you have to bring your curry plant inside in winter and leave it at sunny window. Curry plant belongs to tropics. If you leave it out during winter it will die. It is also important to bring the plant outside during summer months.Fresh air helps to get rid of spider mites.I am impressed that you are able to grow 3 curry plants.