Sunday, May 9, 2010

IFA - Fundraiser

We have been involved with a fundraiser for an organization called India Friends Association. IFA is a non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to grassroots development in India. If you are interested in knowing about this organization, please click here: India Friends Association. Every year, for this fundraising event, I donate all the flowers from my garden to make the bouquets for the performers and arrangements for the event. This is my small contribution for this very important cause.

The Saturday, May 8th was the big fund-raising event. This year's theme was "A Tribute to Farmers". Since I am a farmers daughter, this theme is very close to heart. 

I gathered all the flowers from my garden and I am ready to make bouquets and arrangements. I started working at 7:00 AM in my patio. Weather was perfect, bright and sunny. I love to work with flowers any time. For a noble cause like this, I am charged with lots of energy.

I will use bird of paradise to bring the hight for the arrangement. 

I will use these palm leaves for the base of the bouquets. 


Here is the arrangement made for the entrance to the event hall.

I love this container.

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  1. Komali, that arrangement is stunning! I love protea...have never seen that many together...just beautiful. The alstroemeria is beautiful, too. You are so fortunate to live where you can step out your door and pick them.

  2. Hi Komali,
    Everything is so beautiful ... the flowers ... the arrangemtnts ... the cause and your thoughts ... I can imagine all the enthusiasm you feel...:)

  3. Hi Komali,
    I usually dont like proteas, but what you did with them is real flower artwork. I have never seen such a pretty flower arrangement with this flowers. Lovely.
    Greetings, Johanna

  4. Hi Komali, You are so talented, you know how much I love flowers, and these are fabulous!
    I love your passion and your dedication to a cause that is close to your heart. I'm sure everyone feels blessed to have you in their life.

  5. Exquisite centerpiece. Absolutely exquisite. And such beautiful colors, too. Sincerely, Susan

  6. Very pretty indeed! :)


  7. What a cheerful flower arrangement. Nice job.

  8. Wow - great job! The arrangement is beautiful.