Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kitchen garden

 This is a story of my frustrations of my kitchen garden. It is a ritual for me to take my cup of coffee in the morning and visit my garden while sipping.  As I stroll through the garden, I make mental notes on my garden chores. This morning when I visited my kitchen garden I saw that my entire row of seedlings had vanished without a trace. I looked around to find that two of my eggplants were stripped down to the bones. I thought I handled the rabbits until now. Well, I guess not. Does anybody know how to have an intelligent conversation with the rabbits so that I can tell them that if they leave my plants alone, I will make them gourmet carrot salad. Haa..haaa.....haaaa...

My garden was looking normal from the outside. 

Oh no! What happened to my spinach?

Not a trace left.

My poor eggplants.

Well, the zucchinis seem to be all right for now.

Maybe I will harvest the zucchini this week.

Multicolored beets.

This is my second attempt at growing okra. The first batch was eaten by rabbits.

Well, I have some eggplants left for now.

The chilies are flowering.

I am expecting a huge crop of tomatoes.

Indian squash.

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  1. Oh how I know your frustration! My garden is completely enclosed with chicken wire to guard against rabbits, not so pretty, but when everything matures the wire fades into the background. BUT... you still have to worry about the slugs, bugs, birds and mice/moles... it's all a part of the wonderful world of gardening-enjoy!!!

  2. Yikes...guess you will have to tell them they will become rabbit stew if they continue! Unfortunately, I don't have a solution...but must tell you your garden looks must have a real green thumb.

  3. Wow, your plants are big already! You must be further south. I'm in Ohio, and started late because of all the rain so my plants are just starting. I haven't had trouble with rabbits! (knock on wood) Boy they got you good!!

  4. This is a beautiful garden. I can't wait to see what you will make with all those wonderful veggies!

  5. Komali, It could be worse. Your rabbits are quite good eating only certain plants. They could also erode the main stem of all plants, garden like they did once in my. But you need a serious protection for your plants. Chicken wire is a good help. The rest of your garden looks really perfect. My tomatoes are not half that sizes yet.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Wow, you have a fantastic vegetable garden. Mimi has already beaten me to what I was going to say... that maybe you should tell the rabbits if they don't eat your vegies you won't make them rabbit stew!! lol! You have a great variety. I think I'll have to put a bit more effort into my vegie patch! take care, Maryann

  7. Your garden is WONDERFUL!! We battle the critters in our garden too.


  8. All I can offer is, we had rabbits in our veggies, my husband bought a bottle of garlic spray and they haven't been back.

  9. I love the way you did the plastic.I can not keep the weeds out.Do you leave it down all the time?Do you replace it every year?I would love to know.It is great.

  10. Hi!
    Great looking garden! Hopefully the rabbits will leave it alone long enough to mature. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  11. Hi Cheryl,
    Please check my post about kitchen garden.
    I use plastic to prevent weeds and raise soil temperature. I try to recycle as much as possible.

  12. What a great kitchen garden, it is always so nice to walk out and get fresh veggies from the garden. I can't help with the rabbits, I have problems with the chipmunks. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. What an amazing garden! It looks beatuiful! I am so sorry you are having rabbit problems. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Paula from idaho

  14. wow...just disappears!! haha
    what's left looks great...I love rabbits...but can see how frustrating they must be. could you deter them with human scent or something?
    thank you for linking in this week!!! see you again soon I hope!

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