Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thief got busted

Yesterday, I left a cage in the garden to capture the rabbits. I know... I know they are cute until they start destroying my garden. I am unable to capture these sneaky rabbits, but look  what got caught in my cage, an opossum. Lately lots of fruits are missing from our orchard. Now I know who is stealing all my fruits in the orchard. 

The people from Animal Control came and picked up the opossum. Well, they said there might be a whole family living on the property. Great, now my saga with rabbits and opossums continues.

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  1. I enjoy your blog so much... even the possum!
    I saw a show on the Cooking chanel today for the first time.. The Spice Goddess. Have you seen it yet? I really enjoyed it. You might too.
    Have a restful Sunday.
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Oh my... that is such a big guy!! Fab!!

  3. He is a big guy! As much of an animal lover as I am, I have to admit they destroy gardens! Sad to see him get caught, but oh well! Oh, the lotus pond on my post is right in our garden. We have lots of water liles too, as pretty but not like a lotus. Lotuses are beautiful! E mail me your mailing address, i'd be glad to mail you some lotus seeds when I come to the US in Sept, along with instructions! They are fairly easy to grow...just need something at least 10" deep and about 4'-5'wide!

  4. Komali,
    looks as if your garden is attractiv to everybody. So much healthy vegetables and fruits! But hopefully this opossum was alone and you can harvest now your own veggies and fruits. I hope the people from Animal Control brought it at a place where it can live without causing problems. In our garden some nights is coming a fox and looks what to eat. But it doesnt like veggies and just ate some fallen cherries. So we had no real problems togehter.
    Greetings, Johanna