Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My kitchen corner

Did you ever think that one corner of your house reflects you? If there is one part of my house that reflects just me, it is my kitchen. Today I want to share one corner of my kitchen that reflects my culinary point of view with dals, freshly picked vegetables from the kitchen garden, my collection of tea pots, plants and flowers.

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  1. Very colorful...makes one want to be in the kitchen, my favorite room in the home. I love the looks of fresh vegetables almost as much as I do the taste!

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  3. The color appeals to me so much! It is wonderful to have a corner that reflects you!

  4. Yum! You make me want to go grab my lentils from my pantry and make a yummy lentil salad for my picnic lunch tomorrow with my cousin!
    Love the colors!

  5. HI Komali

    Thank you for the peek into your kitchen - it's a delight to meet you and see the lovely colors on your countertop!

    Hope you'll stop by Create With Joy when you have a moment and say hello!


  6. I love everything in this post...your kitchen looks so pretty and all the pretty colors look amazing.
    Come over to see me...I have a big giveaway going on..

  7. From the photos, I'm thinking that you are one spicy lady...fresh and in the moment. Thank you for sharing this little party of yourself with us. Cherry Kay

  8. great kitchen decor, i like it a lot, neat and organized kitchens are a pleasure to work in

  9. What a gorgeous corner in your kitchen. I love the look of glass jars holding dried pretty!!


  10. This is Lovely :-) I am hosting a jewelry giveaway on my blog. Would love for you to visit.

  11. What beautiful colors. This makes me think you are a very colorful person.

  12. Such vibrant colors! What a lovely little corner.