Thursday, September 2, 2010

Garden Party III

This is a continuation of my garden party posts. Today, I want to share some photos of the food prepared for the party. If you missed my post about harvesting vegetables from the garden, please click here. If you missed my post about getting ready for the garden party, please click here.

These are homemade wafers served along with the food.

A few days before the party, all the linens were washed, ironed, and folded.

Do you remember harvesting the butternut squash from Garden Party I? Well, the butternut squash was cooked with tamarind and made into a stew. 

The eggplants were prepared with sesame peanut sauce.

Opo squash was made into koftas with gravy.

Chicken biryani

All these recipes were featured in my cookbook, Entertaining From an Ethnic Indian Kitchen. For more information about the book, please visit

I am joining Foodie Friday and Cindy for Show and Tell.


  1. Looks delicious...wish I were there for a taste!

  2. Oh, wow, I would love some Indian food right NOW and it's almost midnight! Yummy. Susan

  3. gosh all that food looks amazing.

  4. That looks yummylicious...I am here to invite you to join in the September blog carnival hosted by us. Will be glad if you can make it.- Rekha

  5. This is a lot of food to cook by one person. How do you manage it? How many days before the party you start? Do we need huge vessels to cook foof for fifty people? The preparation and how you do it would be a wonderful post to read.

  6. Vinita,
    I started preparing for the party 5 days before. I think I should have started 2 weeks before.

  7. Beautifu garden party! As soon as it cools here in TX I want to party outside again. Thanks for the inspiration. ~ Sarah

  8. Hola Komali, namaste. It`s such a great inspiration being here at your wonderful blog. Beautiful garden, great Indian food recipies (which I tasted directly in India)and very great images. If you don´t mind I will take your blog to my favorite blogs list so I can be always aware of what you post.
    It´s been so very nice meeting you.
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  9. wow.. in just five days you had taken care of so many things. Would love to read a detailed post on how you do it.. step by step and day by day. So lets say if you do start 2 weeks before how would you go about doing it ... it would be really helpful for all of us.