Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet peas arrangement

Before I went on the cruise, I was visiting my niece in Seattle. We went on a hike one morning. On that hike I saw sweet peas blooming in the wild. In addition to them, there was an abundance of wild blackberries on the trail. On the way back from the hike, I gathered some blackberries, sweet peas and white berries and arranged them for the house. Does anybody know the name of these white berries? I have never seen them in Southern California.

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I am joining Cindy for Show and Tell.


  1. I love your wild flowers arrangement, Komali, and how lucky to have found sweet peas in the road!!!
    I don´t know what those white berries are, sorry.
    maria cecilia

  2. oh my oh my!!! the wild flowers look awesome!!

  3. Didn't you just love Seattle, Komali? Your wildflowers are beautiful and those white berries are called Snowberries!

  4. You're flower arrangement is beautiful. You really have a talent. Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Thank you, Kamini for the name of the berries. I will try to grow in my garden.