Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitchen Garden Update

Lately, I have not been blogging about my kitchen garden due to a small setback. Unfortunately, one gopher got into my kitchen garden and caused a havoc, ruining all of my eggplant and okra. It took a while to catch the wild gopher and get back to my gardening routine. Meanwhile, I lost more than a month of the growing season for okra and eggplant. Oh well, that is the price you pay for opting to live in the country. 

Indian ridgegourd vine is growing and flowering nicely

Butternut squash is yielding 

 Opo squash is flowering

Cayenne, serrano and bell pepper plants are in full bloom

I am letting some of these chilies ripen to make Indian pickle and hot pepper jam 

Zucchinis are still yielding abundantly

Green beans are done and ready to be pulled out

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  1. Oh, Komali...what a lucious looking garden you have!! All of the vegetables look so pretty and healthy...even the green leaves! Do you know how lucky you are...I think you live in California, which would mostly account for the grand harvest you shared with us....I live in central Louisiana
    and the temperatures run near or over 100 degrees every day, with long spellls between rain. Everyone has burnt up gardens....and I so love the fresh veggies in the spring and summer. :0(
    Thank you for sharing the pretty veggies pictures with us,
    I always love reading your blogs!! I don't think we have gophers around here to get into the gardens, but we have other "creatures" who can do a good amount of damage, too!!
    Have a happy week......Francy

  2. Oh wow. Such a rich garden you have. And I know growing fruits n vegggies must be an arduous task. But well done! You ought to give some simple tips to us who ain't know nothing about growing veggies.

    I always dream about growing herbs like Mint, Dhaniya and green chilli in my balcony. :-)

    Loved your post! and all the pictures too!

  3. I'm only a beginner with kitchen gardens. I started a small one this year and yours is a true inspiration!
    Magali, from France

  4. Well,Plants are so good for the air quality in your home. I also planted bonsai and flower pots at my home. I have always struggled a bit trying to display them and fit them into the decor.

  5. Your garden is truly inspirational! This is my first time planting a small vegetable garden.Unfortunately lost 80% of my garden to gophers!!!! Well next year will plan on preventive measures!!!

  6. Your garden is soo very lovely. Looks green and inviting. I can imagine the amount of hardwork and apssion needed to maintain this.
    It would be great if you can also post tit-bits hints for vegetable gardens.. like seasons suitable for growing various veggies, best time for harvesting, etc...

  7. Your garden is an absolute stunner!! Its wow!! Im sure you must have been very upset.. But from what I can see.. there is still a lot of greens.. and am sure your green hands will bring them all back up again..

    Do give us some tips on growing veggies.. I'd love to try!! Maybe a dummies guide.. for me.. :-)