Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dessert from the Orchard

My favorite dessert changes with the season. At the moment, my favorite dessert is tree ripened figs. I think they are nature's perfect candy. I roast them and serve it with cheese and make fig-ginger jam to go with morning toast. Most of all, I prefer to eat warm figs right out of the tree.

I use a ceramic egg cartoon to serve figs.

Figs on the tree

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  1. My favourite luxury is fresh figs to serve with cheese. Sadly, here in The North, they are literally a luxury and sold individually at an outrageous price. So, as you can imagine, I envy you your fresh figs in the garden.


  2. Love these figs. Looking so YUMM!! both when served and on the tree too :-)

  3. Hello Komali,
    those striped figs are really beautiful. I have never seen them before. We had a big tree and harvested lots of figs every year. But now the tree died. So sad. I love figs and can imagine what delicious deserts you make with them.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  4. Oh my gosh.. those figs look awesome!! What a lovely desert they'll make.. :-) Thank you Komali.. for always coming back to link at CD.. You know I look forward to you joining in now! :-)

  5. The figs looks so good - gorgeous to look at and I bet delicious to eat:):)

  6. The figs look so yummy!! Figs with kind of food...and a nice bottle of dessert wine, perhaps?? The fig/ginger jam sounds delicious also!
    I have never seen striped figs pretty!Using your ceramic egg holder is a great idea for serving the figs!
    Thanks for sharing this post with us...not only lovely to look at, but so good to eat!
    Have a happy weekend...Francy