Friday, November 18, 2011


To my liking, nowadays, you can't walk into the fruit section of a supermarkets without coming across my favorite pomegranates. How about celebrating this Thanksgiving with the antioxidant rich super fruit, pomegranates?

You can find the recipe for pomegranate glazed turkey in my book Entertaining From an Ethnic Indian Kitchen.

For more memorable centerpieces, tablescapes, and recipes (including vegetarian, gluten free and vegan recipes), please check out my book, Entertaining From an Ethnic Indian Kitchen, at my website

I am joining How Sweet the Sound and The not so functional housewife.


  1. Looks yummy I love them and add them to salads all the time and freeze them in ice cubes for punch!Happy turkey day!

  2. This is not a fruit I am very familiar with. I notice it is being mixed with all sorts of other fruits in drinks.

  3. I've not even eaten a pomegranate, but keep hearing how healthy they are, so I'm going to try it! Your photographs are beautiful!

  4. I love pomegranate! !

    My PINK, have a great weekend!

  5. I love pomegranates! I have a couple that I had in a bowl and forgot them about three years ago...they dried on their own, keeping most of the color.

  6. Sweet! I really love Saturday because my Mom let me blog a little for Pink Saturday.

    Here's my pink share, have a nice weekend!

  7. I have never, ever eaten pomegranate! I'll have to try it sometime!

    My Homemaking Weekend Link-Up is going on over at my blog right now! I'd love to have you come and link up a post or two!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  8. My sister dearly loves these and cannot wait till they are in the stores. I never cared too much about them.

  9. Pomegrantes are such a pretty fruit..the insides with all that PINK!! I have eaten them in salads and even had a Pomegrante Martini at a local was delicious and not at all like the original martinis...!!
    I like to buy them to use with other fruit in a bowl to decorate a table for the holidays, too.
    I am going to ask Santa to bring me your cookbook...I really want it!! It sounds like an ideal book for entertaining or just a simple family meal...
    Thanks for sharing with us today...have a Happy Thanksgiving...I know your table will be laden down with delicious food...!!!

  10. Oh my goodness,Komali, thank you for visiting Splendid Market, I am so happy to find your blog. I just ordered your book. I LOVE everything I see so far. Pomegranates and Persimmons in your garden??? I am dying of envy! I was in California last week and was thrilled to have found a few branches of persimmons to bring home for my thanksgiving table. Cilantro Chutney? I buy small bottles of it at a gourmet store, I'll bet a homemade batch will be just incredible. Just ordered your book from Amazon, adding you to my blog roll, I can't wait to see what you write about next!