Thursday, June 7, 2012

Raised beds

Lately, I have been obsessed with my kitchen garden. As soon as I get up, I walk into the kitchen garden, then again with coffee mug in my hand, again after yoga, before and after lunch, before tea time and again before dinner. Yeah, you get the picture.

Last year we had lots of problems with rodents, because our property backs into wilderness.  This year, the only way to control rodents and have my vegetable garden was to have raised beds with hard wire cloths at the bottom. We discussed many many options including red wood, TREX composite wood and regular construction planks. At last we decided on cement blocks without realizing the cost of the labor. My kitchen garden is situated on a small hill and it is a triangle piece of land. It was a big task to carry all those cement blocks, concrete and cement. After all the frustrations of building raised beds, this project turned out to be the best feature of my house. Well at last I have the kitchen garden of my dreams. I am loving planting and growing and I can't wait for the crop to harvest.

My 80 year old mother traveled all the way from India to spend summer with me. I had the privilege to plant the kitchen garden with my mother.

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  1. Raised beds are such a good idea but, for me, the work involved is just too daunting. However, I am full of admiration for your new vegetable garden and I imagine that you and your mother are enjoying tending the plants without the usual gardeners' backache.


  2. I want some raised garden beds. And I would LOVE to have these! But there is no way I could get all those big blocks into my yard. I'll have to come up with something else. But these are awesome!

  3. I have squirrels that are eating and tearing up things. Just because we get in our 80's, does not mean we cannot keep going. Glad your 80 year old blessed you with a visit.

  4. Beautiful veggie beds.!

    My PINK, have a nice weekend.

  5. That looks so nice being with your Mom. I bet she liked the time too, coming so far.
    Hope you have a good PS

  6. I love your garden. It looks awesome. I do the same walk with my coffee Morning and evening :)))