Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink Jasmine Around my Farm

 I know that spring is on its way when I see pink jasmine and other flowering vines in full bloom around my farm. I love that intoxicating aroma from jasmine in the garden right now. I find  excuses to visit my garden every fifteen minutes. I like the way the bunches of delicate blooms trail down the fences, arbors and iron gates.

 Of course, whatever is growing in the garden ends up on my table.

Come close and smell that sweet jasmine. Ahhh... heavenly..

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  1. The pink jasmine is fabulous. Looks like an abundance of this delightful bloom.

  2. I love jasmine! The pink is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So where is the TABLESCAPE?????

  4. Flower arranging is a tablescape. Thanks for dropping by.