Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indian Wedding

Last weekend I attended the Indian wedding of Mythili and Shawn in New Jersey. As always, Indian weddings are not only known for their grandeur and being colorful, but are also filled with religious rituals and celebrations that lasts for several days. There are numerous sub-cultures within the country. Did you know that in India every state has a different language and and its own traditions? In this case, the bride's parents are immigrants from Andhra Pradesh (Southern state) and groom's parents are from the Sindhi community of Uttar Pradesh (Northern state). Traditional  Indian marriage rituals are meant to unite not only the bride and groom, but also their families.
For many Indian families, it is important to maintain close ties with the immediate and extended families. 

The wedding ceremony begins with the arrival of the groom.
Shawn is arriving to the wedding mandap on a horse with his family and friends to meet the bride's family.

The bride's parents are waiting at the wedding venue to greet the groom

None of the auspicious occasions begin without a prayer to Lord Ganesha. He is supposed to remove all obstacles in life.

The waiters are waiting for the guests to offer drinks before attending the wedding.

 Transparent wedding tent gives the illusion of an outdoor wedding

A traditional Indian wedding mandap is decorated with garlands of marigolds and torans of mango leaves.  In this case, the bride choose modern approach with hydrangea and purple instead of the traditional colors of red, orange and gold.

 No wedding is complete without live music

Priest is explaining the vedic traditions of an Andhra wedding

Groom and his father


Bride is entering with her parents

The ceremony

Stage at the reception on the following day 

Beautiful flowers at the table

Exquisitely dressed women at the reception

A feast fit for a king

The dance

The finale, the cake

Congratulation Mythili and Shawn! We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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  1. so beautiful! love the wonderful reception decor and that amazing cake!!

  2. my absolute favorite posts are the ones where you post about indian weddings in the U.S.since you have lived here for a while , I guess the children of your friends are now getting married. We have been here for 15 years and have young kids... wonder whom our kids will marry ....
    thanks for posting.

  3. I recognize your daughter, so pretty, how about your photos?