Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden Journal: 1st harvest from the kitchen garden

This week, I started harvesting from the kitchen garden. Nothing pleases me more than making family meals from the kitchen garden.

Beets were pulled 

Rainbow swisschard is looking fabulous for stir fries

This is my 1st harvest from the beans bed

Squash is ready to be harvested

I will keep you updated with my progress.

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  1. You have a green thumb. I am impressed with your gardening skills.

  2. Hi Komali,

    I was searching for Indian gardners over the net and came across your blog..I'm really stunned to see such a beautiful garden and congratulations for a job well done .I too have a garden in my backyard here in Houston and growing all sorts of veggies like thotakura, gongura, bottlegourd,cucumber(dosakaya),chikkudu etc ..But I want to know what kind of fertilizer/compost to add to the soil and at what intervals.I read that cow manure is good for some plants but not for others.Any input will be greatly appreciated.Also, if there is any pest problem what is your immediate action?Thank You.

    1. I add organic compost to all my vegetable beds. I make my own compost from vegetable scrapes, dry leaves and garden waste. If that is not enough I buy it from Home Depot. I will do a post on composting soon. Based on the vegetables you are growing I am thinking you are from Andhra Pradesh. I grow all those vegetables and more. Good luck. Thanks for the visit.

    2. Thank you very much for an immediate reply.A post on compost will be great.We have that in mind but not sure about the process.Can you please share what brand you buy at Home Depot?Because I already have some cow manure bags in my backyard just sitting there :)Before I use them, I thought of doing some research and find out the right way.Yes, I'm from Andhra Pradesh :)

  3. Hi komali,
    Impressed to see your work.I have recently shifted to Delhi, and have a very small pond in my garden.l am trying to grow lotus but there are many mosquitoes around the pond.Please guide me.