Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Garden Journal: Garden vignettes

Though out my garden, I like to create vignettes using potted plants and statuary to bring interest to the garden. However, combining the right combinations of plants and shrubs is always challenging. Well, I am not a professionally trained landscape designer. I try by trial and error. Whenever I am having problems growing something in one area, I create vignettes with  pots filled with contrasting foliage. Pots with plants in the garden gives that architectural lift for the plants. Vignettes through out the garden forces me to pause and enjoy my surroundings.

Caladium in the  black pots create a vignette in this shady area in the garden

Buddha statue in front of house

Blueberry patch in front of the citrus orchard is another vignette 

Another vignette on the patio of Goddess Lakshmi with a maiden hair fern

Another vignette right outside my kitchen window with different ferns and foliage

Of course, my favorite vignette is of limelight hydrangeas with coleus

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  1. gorgeous vignettes, I love the combinations of plants and colors...beautiful

  2. I remember seeing a post of your with various coleus and I just got 5 different ones to make several pots and I thought of you and the inspiration I got from that post last year! LOL....love your posts, thank you.