Monday, November 11, 2013

Colors of an Indian wedding

Last weekend, I attended my friend's son's Indian wedding in North Carolina.  Since I have written a lot of posts about Indian weddings, I thought I should concentrate this post on the colors of an Indian wedding. All Indian weddings are colorful and grandeur, enriched with traditions and culture. Color plays a major role at any Indian weddings. Red and gold are the most popular colors for brides but the bride can choose any color she desires. Colors and styles can vary based on the cultural and religious diversity of the people from India (remember, every state in India has different traditions). All traditional Indian wedding attire is woven with gold threads. Whatever color the bride chooses, extensive gold ornaments are a must for any traditional Indian bride.

The bride chose green and purple for her wedding sari. 

The day before the wedding, groom making 

Thirty-five Western women wore saris to the wedding. I was part of the team that got them ready in their saris. They all looked great and carried themselves with grace.

The bride was at the Gowri pooja (traditional ceremonial prayer) before the wedding

The groom is arriving to the wedding site with all his family and friends. The groom's parents are rejoicing in the moment.

Groom's mother and his sister

Baraat (The Wedding Procession):
Baraat is a colorful and vibrant ceremony where the elegantly adorned groom arrives to the marriage hall riding on a white horse.

Groom's men in traditional attire

Groom's parents 

Bridesmaids in pink saris

Ninety year old grand parents of the bride, wearing Indian attire, sitting in the madap and watching the Hindu wedding ceremony very closely. Beautiful! Don't you think?

Almost everyone at the wedding had henna on their hands

Love this golden embroidery 

Beautifully dressed guests 

Hope you enjoyed the colors of an Indian wedding.

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  1. I really enjoyed your post and all the beauty of an Indian wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the glimpes of an Indian wedding. Fabrics are stunning and saris so beautiful.

  3. I love all the beautiful colors! It looks like a truly joyous celebration:)

  4. I love the colors and look of an Indian wedding!

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