Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Garden tour 1

In the past two posts, I have been talking about how my garden was chosen for the Camarillo hospice garden tour. My garden is one of five gardens people would be touring. Even though I have done many posts about my garden in the past, I have never showcased my backyard in front of 600-700 people before. The people who will be visiting are all passionate gardens. Talk about pressure! I wanted everything to be perfect. For the past two months, I have been in the mission of getting the garden ready to the best  of my ability. I lived and breathed the garden. Every single waking moment I thought about how to make my garden presentable to my visitors. That meant cleaning, weeding, planting and more weeding. 

On top of all that past week we had unusually warm weather with Santa Ana winds blowing everything in the garden. I lost 3 days of gardening to Santa Ana's. I was very concerned that I may not be ready for the tour. Some how we managed get everything ready on time.

Well the time had finally come and we had our garden tour last Sunday.  I am very happy to report that the garden tour was a grand success. People had lots of questions about gardening and all exotic greens and vegetables we were growing in the kitchen garden. I met many like-minded people and made a few friends. Can't ask for more!

I am going to take you to tour my garden along with all the visitors in the next few posts. Please come and tour my garden and my sanctuary. 

This is the only way that visitors can enter the backyard.

The theme of the garden is marigolds accented with a touch of blue. The following planting is the first thing the visitors notice to the right when they walk in.

On the left side you will notice the tool shed with the arbor. I planted climbing roses on either side. On the left of the tool shed is the miniature garden.

Next to the tool shed in front of citrus garden is a blueberry patch, succulent pot, and budda with more marigolds. In the middle of the lawn is an elephant bird bath surrounded by colorful plants. This is the main welcoming site for the visitors as soon as they enter in the garden through the side gate.

We are turning right to the back of the house

Left side of the walkway as we enter the backyard.

Love this angel sitting in a yoga pose under the tree so peacefully.

As we are entering the backyard, the vignette with pots are to the right.

Now we are at the rose garden to the left.

To the right side I have planted lots of limelight hydrangeas. But this is not the season for limelights. So I dressed them up with more marigolds in keeping with the theme.

This garden with a bird house village, sheep family and statuary is facing the main entertaining area from the patio.

Bird house village

I have a special fondness for white flowers. For the garden show, white roses, white show ball bush, and white hydrangeas are all blooming at the same time. This is the view from opposite side of the house.

No pots left empty

Visitors have arrived

Everyone is heading towards the kitchen garden, the most popular spot on this tour.

My husband had a blast talking to visitors!

Everyone is on their way to the kitchen garden on top of the hill.

I will meet you all in my kitchen garden in my next post.

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  1. A very beautiful garden ! I enjoyed this! :)

  2. As ALWAYS, I'm just more than amazed by your incredible garden! If & when I actually visit your garden, I might stay there forever & some more! On Sunday, I kept on thinking about your event. I couldn't wait to see ALL of your post about it. I'm so glad you did...totally got me all cheeried up. Thank you for sharing with us. By the way, I finally did my fairy cottage miniature garden on Sunday also...I'm extremely in LOVE with it...as if it is my baby...xo

  3. Woot Woot I love it. So colorful..... If you can come link up at our Green Thumb Thursday Linky party.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  4. Very nice Komali Garu! Your passion for gardening is so commendable!

  5. Very vibrant and pretty. Wow!! Looks also like a lovely day too.