Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kitchen garden update and harvest

This is the time of the year that my kitchen garden goes bonkers and is giving me more than I can handle. I do feel incredibly blessed to have a prolific garden and that I get to savor fresh fruit and vegetables. Well there more hard work that goes into growing organic vegetables than one can imagine. It is frustrating to keep fighting bugs and pests. When I get to harvest these incredible array of vegetables, I forget all that hard work and feel very wealthy.

Ridge gourd vine

Red chilies, ready to harvest

Purple hyacinth beans covering the arbor

Indian beans

I like to incorporate cut flowers into the kitchen garden

Golden tomatoes


and more harvesting

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  1. Cut flowers and homegrown tomatoes, two of my favorite things. Fun photos.


  2. aAaAaaaAAAAaHHHHHhhh-you definitely know how to hypnotize me with your kitchen garden! I'm still hoping & wishing & more wishing that I'd be able to visit your garden one of these days...or have a garden like yours. ALL of your hard work & labor in your garden is ALL worth it!!!...xo

  3. MY MY!! I have a teeny-tiny tomato on my plant and I am super excited about it. Your produce is making me jealous.. hehehe!!


  4. Your tomatoes are amazing! It is all really pretty and nice to have out the backdoor I am sure!

  5. JESUS... is all this from your kitchen garden!! sigh!! wow!! wow!! Im soooooooooooooooo impressed!