Thursday, September 10, 2015

Harvesting and preserving chilies from the garden

Throughout the summer, I grow and harvest a myriad of chilies from the garden. To preserve these chilies, I make pickles and chutneys and serve them as condiments with the meals. Sometimes I do feel like a pioneer women. I grow my own fruits and vegetables and am always preserving them for the rest of year to enjoy. Chilies are powerful antioxidants. Including them in your daily diet has many health benefits. 
Here are some images from my chili harvest. 

Making of a pickle with harvested chilies

As I look at the freshly made pickle, my mouth is watering! The perfect way to enjoy this pickle is to mix it with hot rice and ghee. Many South Indian meals begin with some sort of pickle.

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  1. Beautiful photos! We don't grow chilies, but we sure to enjoy cooking with them. '-)