Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Buried in tomatoes

This is a very busy time for harvesting in my kitchen garden. Almost everything is yielding with a vengeance. This year, my tomatoes are going bonkers, yielding a lot more than ever before in my kitchen garden. This the harvest from one raised bed with 7 plants. I attribute my my success to my homemade compost with chicken manure. Now I know that adding  a chicken coop was the right decision for my backyard farming.

This is one harvest

I like to harvest vine ripened tomatoes on these large shallow baskets to protect them from bruising

Isn't it a shame not to indulge in a caprese salad after such a huge tomato harvest?

I know what I am doing next couple of days, canning and making tomato pickle. I  like to preserve my kitchen garden harvest as much as possible for the rest of year to enjoy and appreciate homegrown goodness.

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  1. Tomato overload!!! Great harvest. The caprese salad looks delicious, nothing beats home grown. Enjoy your harvest.

  2. Oh my goodness! I saw your link at WOW and I had to click over! I have been drowning in tomatoes this summer, too. We've had the best harvest this year, too, which has kept me in the kitchen preserving all that goodness! I really like those shallow baskets that you use for your tomatoes. We use buckets but it leads to a few tomatoes on the bottom getting bruised. Nice to meet another tomato lover!

  3. wowza! just seven plants. I am not a gardner at all but love and have been following your blog for years.

  4. It's a tomato frenzy! I make salsa and spaghetti sauce and can it for the winter too!
    Have fun!
    Enjoy many caprese salads too!😀

  5. How wonderful! I'd be making some tomato sauce for pasta, and at least one tomato pie. Plus I think a tomato sandwich for lunch today is in order.

  6. Home made compost recipe please.Thank you!