Monday, August 29, 2016

On the table: Exotic fruit arrangemenet

Often, I like to display fruit from my orchard in a basket on my kitchen table. This way, I am enticing my family to grab a healthy snack when they are walking around the house. 

Bananas, pomegranates, yellow dates, dragon fruit and strawberry guavas. All are accented with couple of gloriosa lilies.

Yellow dates are from the Asian market

Strawberry guava has an intense guava flavor in every bite. This fruit became my go-to snack while gardening. Love this deep reddish purple bite-sized fruit!

My favorite gloriosa lilies are the perfect accent with the tropical fruit. Both the gloriosa lily vine and strawberry guava tree are newcomers in the garden, but outstanding performers.

 If you have never tried dragon fruit, it tastes similar to a kiwi. 

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  1. I picked up a dragon fruit last week and put it back because I had no idea what to do with it. This basket is so vibrant and beautiful and makes a great statement whether you eat the fruit or not.

  2. Very pretty display. I am sure it certainly is appealing to pick up a piece as you pass by! Thanks for sharing.