Monday, September 26, 2016

September garden tour 2 : Topiary garden

Today I am sharing my topiary garden at the side of the house that I was working on. Often I ask guests to enter the garden though the side gate to come into the backyard entertaining area. On the left of the side walkway, I had a small garden with an elephant bird bath. A couple of years ago I have planted a flowering tree. That tree became big and the original bird bath is not up to the scale. I have moved the bird bath to a different area, and I placed a column and topped it off with a  giant eagle. I like the way the eagle is majestically sitting in the tree and greeting the influx of guests who are entering the garden.

This is how it used to look like. All the colorful foliage looked fine for a while but it started to fade and the bird bath was too small.

Now I have enlarged the circle and started a topiary garden.

I like the way this eagle is perching in the tree and keeping an eye on the visitors who are entering the garden.

Instead of adding the colorful plants, I started a topiary garden with African box wood. I am still at the beginning of the process. I have planted the small plants, some of which I am training to become the round topiary ball shape and some into double balls.  I will keep you posted on how they are progressing. Box wood topiaries are timeless in my opinion.

I hope that with time, the topiaries will be more defined in shape and fill up the area.

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