Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Desgning and planting a kitchen garden

Spring is the most exciting time in the garden for me. It is the time to design and plant my kitchen garden. In southern California, we get to start the kitchen garden in March itself. How wonderful is that! 
As I always say, a good garden begins with good soil. It is very important to improve the soil before planting. I mixed the soil with homemade compost. The second most important thing is to rotate the crops. That is the reason I maintain a journal so that I won't plant the tomatoes in the same bed for the next three years. 

Kale and arugula 

I like sit at the patio table with a cup of tea to plan the garden

I have a triangular plot for the kitchen garden. In that plot, we built sixteen raised beds. A lot of planning goes into designing the kitchen garden. With sixteen raised beds, I still feel like I don't have enough space to grow everything I want to.

All cool weathered crops are thriving at the moment.


Swiss chard

Perennial Ivy gourd



 Hot peppers

Colored peppers


Moringa Tree

Curry leaf plant

Part of the kitchen garden

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