Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Traditional Deepawali dinner

The table was set with thalis at my dinner party last Saturday for a  Deepawali feast. You can read about all about thalis here. A traditional vegetarian thali meal was served at the festival dinner. The color theme of the dinner was pink and orange accented with candles. It was an intimate dinner shared with a few friends and family. Traditions are enriching when we share with the people we love, don't you think?

Notice the table was set with glasses to the left side and only a spoon was set to the right. Traditional thali meals are eaten with the right hand using only a spoon. The left hand is used to drink water during the meal.

Vegetarian thali

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  1. Gorgeous! I wish I was at the table. HappY diwali

  2. Beautiful table setting, and the food looks amazing!

  3. Healthy and beautiful who could ask for more?? Nameste`

  4. Absolutely perfect. And my love of pink and orange together, with all those aromas and tastes and spices in the air---Heaven. Add to that such congenial company and that warm welcome, and I cannot image an Autumn occasion that offers more.

    DD often cooks Indian food, and the scent of toasting spices from upstairs is always a delightful moment, for good and wonderful things are to come. We've only ever served from bowls and platters, and it boggles my mind to think how you ever get all those Haandi served out and to the table still hot.

    Thank you for the lovely party---it is so elegant and tempting, and I know your guests were honoured and pleased.


  5. A feast of the senses. What a heavenly array of fantastic food! I love your elegant serving pieces, too. Thanks for linking up at Foodie Friday.