Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lime harvest

We harvested limes this weekend from our farm. This is my one harvest from a single tree. These are actually limes, not lemons. Since we didn't get time to pluck the fruit on time, they turned yellow on the tree and are looking more like lemons than limes. But they do taste like limes and I can get more than half a cup of  juice from each lime. While growing up in India, we never had lemons, only limes. If you miss my post about lemon rice please click here. Many more lemonade recipes on the way...or should I say limenade recipes?

Limes anyone?


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  1. That is amazing from one single tree. They are beautiful!

  2. is so beautiful just looking at the fresh fruit....a beautiful table decoration just as is.....Thanks! Totally Toni