Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pincushion Proteas

This morning my husband brought this big bunch of pincushion proteas from my farm. I call it a farm, it is nothing more than my backyard and front yard. This is the season for pin cushion proteas. Even though it is an Australian and South African native, it thrives in Southern California weather.

 It is the stiff protruding styles of the flower that gives it the name "pincushion proteas".

Fascinating texture of pincushion protea.

It looks as though someone took a thin red ribbon and weaved it into the flower, doesn't it?

Well, it is time to arrange flowers for the house.

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  1. Those are the most beautiful flowers I think I have seen, pincushion wow that is the perfect name for them, I could look at them all day, thanks for the wonderful pictures, the best..Phyllis

  2. Those are the strangest flowers I've ever seen. They look like aliens! (Now I mean that in the nicest way : )) They really are amazing!

  3. Oh how wonderful! Do they have a fragrance? Absolutely lovely.....Totally toni

  4. Unfortunately they don't have any fragrance.

  5. Those are gorgeous, I love the colors. I just redid my bedroom all in these colors!

  6. Isn't nature amazing. These are just gorgeous.

  7. Those are so unique, I've never seen anything like them!

  8. Those flowers are amazing! I have never seen them before. I will have to show them to my Mom and her neighbor who are both gardening lovers. Thanks for sharing this with us. Just fascinating!!

    Susan and Bentley