Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cruise to Alaska II

The first thing you will notice on this cruise ship is the enormous amount of food being served on the ship. There was a huge buffet with an array of cuisines available all day in addition to the sit-down formal dinners. I was fascinated to learn that 9,000 meals were prepared every day on the ship to serve all the guests and employees. When I found out that a kitchen tour was offered on the ship, I could not pass up the opportunity to learn about how the cruise ship kitchen functions so efficiently to accommodate this many people. I was surprised to see the state of the art kitchen on the ship.

Stocks are made in these gigantic boilers.

 Soups were made every day in the kitchen.

 These tiny stainless steel stemware were used to serve mixed fruit sorbet as a palate cleanser in between the courses at formal dinners.

 Serving utensils

Soup servers.

Isn't this a beautiful display of bread? All these breads were made on the premises.

The basket is made with tinted bread dough, baked in the oven, and later used to serve bread rolls at the formal dinner table.

Tomorrow's post is all about fruit-carving on the ship's kitchen.

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  1. Wow - that kitchen is amazing! Thanks for taking the tour and sharing with us. It is so sparkling clean, too and that is a good thing! I can't believe the size of those soup pots. Amazing!

  2. Thanks for showing us "behind the scenes" -- now THAT'S a Soup Pot!

  3.'s huge! How fascinating! Thanks for taking us along.

  4. Now, that is a kitchen I would love to cook in! ♥♥♥ the bread baskets, wonder if they use a form inside them so they don't collapse, doesn't seem like the skewers would be enough to keep them upright!

  5. Fun to see how a cruise kitchen works!


  6. Now that is the definition of a well stocked kitchen! Thank you for sharing your photos of your wonderful cruise. Cherry Kay Clifford

  7. Thank you for the tour. I love to see the behind the see look. Those breadbaskets are really very cool.