Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deadheading the Hydrangeas

This past weekend, I had unexpected guests come over for lunch. After quickly preparing the lunch, I ran to my garden to get the inspiration for my centerpiece. I noticed that last year's crop of hydrangeas were drying on the bush. I salvaged some hydrangeas from underneath the bush and made an arrangement for the kitchen table. Then I realized that it is time to deadhead all the spent flowers to promote new growth and bloom in spring. That is exactly what I did today, deadheading all the dry flowers from all the hydrangea bushes. How is your day going?

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 I am joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday and modern country style .


  1. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite plants. Deadheading these flowers will bring you many more this coming Spring. Must have made a beautiful arrangement in that vase.
    Joyce M

  2. Wow....to have all those wonderful dried blossoms. I only get a few here in FL. It gets too hot and humid but the ones that I do get I cherish.