Thursday, March 24, 2011

Part III - The Cake

After planning the invitation and the table settings, the cake was the next thing that was planned for my friends' anniversary party. As if cooking dinner for 50 people is not enough, I planned to make a cake with handmade flowers and lacework. Don't you think that is a little crazy? Cake decorating was my beloved hobby when my children were little. I made all the cakes for my kids' birthdays. Then I bought lots of literature and taught my self the Australian and British methods of cake decorating.

After moving to California, my cake decorating hobby had to take the back seat (I was busy driving the kids to their activities, working, gardening, cooking and of course writing the book). When I decided to plan a party for my friends' 25th anniversary, I thought, I had to make a cake with fondant icing and handmade flowers. I had to see whether I could still make the cake the way I used to. At first I struggled; my first roses were looking like an alien flowers. I didn't want to give up. I sat with it until I got it right. I guess it is like riding a bicycle. Once you know, you will never forget. These flowers don't look too bad, right?

The color theme of the party, teal, was carried to the cake, too.

Congratulations to the anniversary couple! 

You guys look great!

In future posts, I will share the dessert buffet and more details.

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  1. Lovely cake! What a thoughtful friend you are!

  2. Beautiful cake! The flowers look gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. Not alien like at all. What a lucky couple to get this beautiful cake!

  3. I Love this is beautiful. What a great lovely tribute to your friend. The flowers look so real. You sure have the talent..I'm now following you as I think you are going to be teaching me some nice things!
    Happy Spring,

  4. You did a fantastic job Komali.

  5. aaaawww.. what a gorgeous cake... Congratulations to the awesome couple as well..

    PS - the buddha on the wall looks fabulous!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  6. Wow~ what an absolutely beautiful cake!! Those flowers are amazing and love the gorgeous colors you chose!! You are really talented!! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Fabulous cake! I am now dreaming with an Indian cake...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  8. WOW wow wow
    I think the cake is beautiful. The Tiffany blue colour is perfect...and of course the pink flowers look amazing.
    I'm going to look at your recipes now : )
    Happy PS and Happiness to the lovely couple.
    Love Claudie from Canada

  9. I think you did a marvelous job with the cake! And, your flowers are soooo pretty they look real!
    I bet it was as delicious as it is pretty!
    Congratulations to the happy couple!

  10. Beautiful! Love the colors...I know you helped make your friends anniversary a happy one.

  11. I have seen a lot of cakes, but never one this pretty. I would have hated to cut it.

  12. Oh i like the beauty of the cake. Happy PS! Mine is up too.

  13. Happy Anniversary to the happy couple. What a talent you have and it's a gorgeous cake. The color is beautiful.
    Happy Pink Saturday! I am your newest follower, Char

  14. Your cake is beautiful and what a wonderful friend you are to throw them such a great party. Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. That is one beautiful cake! I would love to learn more about cake decorating some day.

    Happy PS,

  16. Beautiful cake and your flowers are gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. I came across your "Pink Saturday" blog while looking at all the beautiful pinks this morning and just had to tell you that your cake is beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous!! "Way too pretty to cut into, but I am sure it tasted delicious, too!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Francy

  18. What an absolutely gorgeous cake! I would have hesitated to cut it...but I'm sure it was worth the destruction! At least you had the photos.
    Happy PS.

  19. Happy Pink Saturday! Fabulous cake! I am following you!

  20. Ps- i ADORE Indian food!! My husband has a curry recipe that is fantastic.

  21. I wish you were my friend to make such a beautiful special cake! You are very artistic and you made a beautiful edible treasure for your friends. what a kind soul you must be. HPS and have a wonderful weekend. Anne

  22. That cake is beautiful! I love the cakes made like that and with icing that looks like lace and especially the flowers. So very pretty! Thanks for linking up!