Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flower arranging

These past few weeks, I have been making flower arrangements for the local events using my home grown flowers. Last week was our annual IFA fundraiser. As with every year, I did the flowers for the event. This was the arrangement I made for the entrance of the hall. Whenever you make arrangement for a big event, the arrangement has to be tall and dramatic so people will notice it. 

Two weeks ago, one of my friends was hosting her daughter's bridal shower. I was asked to do the flowers for the event. Here are the arrangements I did for that event. The color theme of the event was yellow and green. The yellow pin cushion proteas suits the theme. Before the flowers got picked up, I quickly photographed them to share with you all.

An arrangement for the buffet

For the coffee table

For the kitchen table

Tiny arrangements for the bathroom and appetizer table

I feel very blessed to be able to grow all these flowers in my own backyard.

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  1. Stunning as always Komali; you are so talented. I love the flowers you chose and the vases as well. Each one is gorgeous, I cannot choose one! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring us. Big hugs,

  2. What amazing flowers! And you not only arrange these beautiful presentations, you grow the flowers. Wow!

  3. Komali, Your arrangements are magnificent! The bird of paradise in the elephant planter must have made an excellent impression on the guests, and the bridal shower bouquets are feminine, dainty and contemporary! Just perfect! Linda

  4. WOW!!! that Elephant vase is wonderful. How lucky to own that! and the flowers were breath taking them all. The colors were all delightful. You are an excellent floral designer..

  5. Your gorgeous flowers are so exotic looking. I always know that you will have something beautiful and different. :)

    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous post at Fresh-cut Friday! :) I'm so happy you did.


  6. Wonderful arrangements!! I am so impressed that all those beautiful flowers are from your yard!! Just beautiful!

  7. You are such a talented at flower arranging! I love seeing your new creations. I cannot imagine seeing all of those flowers growing in a garden. Thank you for sharing these beautiful arrangements - fantastic!

  8. Hi Komali,
    you are a great gardener as well as a great cook. I love your exotic centerpieces. Thank you for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. Those arrangements are so beautiful! I love those flowers- very exotic!

  10. Very beautiful. I love the elephant too. Love elephants so cute.


  11. beautiful Komali - you are such a natural at this and big inspiration.

    we at Aalayam are hosting a giveaway this week and was hoping you'd join us!



  12. you should probably get a bed and start sleeping outdoors. it must be so hard to go indoors with such a beautiful garden...