Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer flowers

I always incorporate zinnias and other flowers in the kitchen garden. They not only attract bees for pollination but also bring such a vibrancy and life to any garden For me, zinnias are like living fireworks. Each time I walk into my kitchen garden, their vibrant colors always bring a smile to my face. I thought zinnias are the perfect flowers to arrange and celebrate July 4th. 

Happy July 4th everyone!

As I was cutting zinnias from the kitchen garden, I noticed there were beans in bunches hanging from the plant. I couldn't help but add them to the arrangement to bring the garden to the table as well as add a whimsical touch.

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  1. The beans look really cool with the zinnias. Pretty pitcher the arrangement is in, too!

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill

  2. Such a simple fun idea. I love it!
    Thank you so much for joining Fresh-Cut Friday! I'm so glad you did:)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the zinnias, the beans and the pretty pitcher..
    Over from Pink Sat.

  4. Oh how lovely. My senior mom and I love fresh flowers as well - both from our gardening activities and from the store. :) Thanks for a lovely visit for Pink Saturday.

  5. Hi. I have got a very small pond in my garden and I have planted a few lotus plants. But I am having a mosquito problem. Is there a way to ward off the mosquitos

  6. Hi. I have a small pond in my garden and I have planted a few lotus plants but am having a mosquito problem? Is there a way to ward off the mosquitos

    1. You can plant some mosquito repellent plants to ward off mosquitos. I would plant plants such as citronella mosquito plant, lemon grass and lemon thyme. Here is an article you will find interesting:
      Hope this helps.

  7. What happy, pretty fellows, and the beans add a sweet charm to the bouquet. I love the colors singing a tune only fresh flowers can sing.

    Blessings for a delightfully pink Saturday,


  8. Zinnias are, indeed, a happy flower. Mine are just starting to bloom. and i can't wait until they're teady to cut.

  9. Such a gorgeous bouquet. I love Zinnias and the colors are so beautiful. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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  11. Your flowers always brighten my days. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration