Monday, October 21, 2013

Flowers of Costa Rica

Last week, my husband and I were vacationing in Costa Rica. It was a perfect getaway for both of us. We are  both nature lovers with a passion for all tropical flora and fauna. We especially enjoyed all the tropical flowers of Costa Rica. As much as I would love to grow heliconias and ornamental ginger in my garden, I live in a milder climate where it doesn't get hot and humid enough to grow many of these paradise flowers. It was a feast for our eyes and we savored every minute. These are some of my favorite flowers from Costa Rica. Enjoy!

Can you believe this arrangement is from one of the restrooms?

A giant pink ginger


My favorite pendant heliconias

I like the way this garbage was incorporated into the landscape

Pink bananas


Bananas everywhere

Don't you love this flower? It's as if some artist painted it with a paint brush. These are not actually flowers but modified brackets.

For my next post, I will share some images from the rain forest and cloud forest.

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  1. Beautiful Flora and fauna! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Wow the place is gorgeous. Where did you stay in Costa Rica? We are planning a trip this November.

    1. We stayed in 3 different resorts. Each and everyone is gorgeous.