Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Strolling through the rain forest and cloud forest of Costa Rica

As a continuation of my previous post about Costa Rica, a major highlight of our trip was hiking through the rainforest and walking through the cloud forest. For a country as big as West Virginia, 4% of entire world's biodiversity is packed into this small territory. Costa Rica is home to many species such as snakes, monkeys, 894 types of exotic birds, and many mammal/plant species.  Walking through the rain forest, listening to hawler monkeys and chirping exotic birds, discovering exotic plants that I have never seen before, with a gorgeous ocean view along the way...can we get any closer to nature than this?


Hiking through the rain forest 

Doesn't this tree trunk looks like a giraffe?

As a regular walker and a yoga practitioner, walking and hiking are enjoyable activities for me.

Destination point of our hike. It was all worth it.

On our way to Monteverde, home of the cloud forest and coffee plantations

Cloud forest

Five veined leaf

Suspension bridge

Walking on the suspension bridge through the cloud forest while listening through the streams running under the bridge and birds singing

Diverse plants in the forest

Bromeliads and orchids grow wild on the tree bark. They are not parasitic plants but epiphytes, meaning they won't suck nutrients from the trees and instead depend on moisture from the air for survival. Both bromeliads and orchids thrive in this climate.

Wild flowers along the way

Guide Ricardo explaining about biodiversity

Another suspension bridge

Another one in the clouds

Wild mushrooms along the way

I strongly advise you to carry an umbrella on this hike. You never know when it is going to rain. It's no wonder it is called rain forest.

Guide Ricardo leading the way

Heliconias in wild

Orchids growing on a leaf

Visit to coffee plantations

Ox-cart ride at the coffee plantation

Throughout our trip, we savored many cups of Costa Rican rich coffee

I liked this open outdoor kind of restaurant 

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the rain forest. I sure did.

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  1. Hey Komali-wonderful! Am planning a trip to Coata Rica to a place called Mystica! soon. Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. Thanks for soon hoping to go to Costa Rica looks wonderful! just a strong need to a place for meditation there called Mystica!

  3. Hi Akka Its Amazing!

  4. Such a beautiful tour. The rain forest is just amazing!