Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Entertaining

During the holiday season, I like to see all my friends at least once. Having said that, it is hard to gather everyone at the same time with our busy schedules. So I entertain few for breakfast, some for lunch and some others for tea. The following table is from this morning's breakfast with a few of my close friends. Savoring simple food and garden fruit, sipping coffee while chatting, and catching up with friends is my kind of entertaining!

The table was set with hand embroidered linens from India.

I made coconut-ginger scones from my first book, Entertaining from an Ethnic Indian Kitchen. For an added festive touch, I added some dried cranberries.

To go with the scones, I made fresh pomegranate juice from my harvested fruit from the orchard.

Scones were served with pomegranate jelly and lemon curd.

Garden cherimoya fruit cut up and served as part of the breakfast. Cherimoya is also known as custard apple.

Ready to indulge

Greek yogurt was served with pomegranate - berry sauce. In case you haven't noticed, pomegranates shows up not only in centerpieces but also in multiple forms on my table at this time of the year.I can't bear to waste a single one from the orchard. This recipe is from my second book, Trader Joe's Simply Indian.

For more memorable centerpieces, tablescapes, and recipes (including vegetarian, gluten free and vegan recipes), please check out my books, Entertaining From an Ethnic Indian Kitchen and Trader Joe's Simply


  1. Wow--you have your own pomegranate trees and make your own juice--that's fantastic! Your breakfast looks delicious, and I love how you've decorated your table.

  2. Komali, your table is lovely. I love the pretty tablecloth and all the food on it, along with the beautiful holiday decor around it! That fruit which is Green with black pits is like one we have here and it's delish, we make desserts out of it and it has a White meat to it and yes, it rusts when left outside after a while. We call it 'chirimoya' do you call it in India? Happy holidays and seasons Greetings to you and yours.

    1. Happy Holiday, Fabby! We call that fruit as Seetha phalum. This time of the year, they taste so good, especially when you harvest from your trees.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos! Happy New Year and greetings from Montreal, Canada.