Thursday, February 20, 2014

Indian Wedding 1: Sangeeth

I apologize for my long absence from blogging. In case you are wondering where have I been, I was on vacation in India attending my niece's wedding. I thought I would share my family wedding with you all. Indian weddings are truly a festival in itself with vibrant colors, food, people, rituals, traditions, music and fun.

This wedding was a three day grand affair.
Day 1:  Sangeet (music) and mahindi (henna) party
Day 2: Bride making and wedding
Day 3: Reception

One of the pre-wedding ceremonies is the Sangeet and henna party, Sangeet meaning music.  As the name suggests, the Sangeet is an evening of fun and dance usually hosted by bride's parents. As the musical festivities are going on, the guests get henna done on their hands for the wedding. The main significance of this ceremony is that the bride is being introduced to all the members of her new family.
Though the Sangeet was originally a North Indian tradition, it slowly caught on to the southern states. This wedding took place in the southern state of India, Andhra Pradesh. Remember, India is very diverse in food, culture, and traditions with regard to weddings. Each and every state has its wedding's own customs and traditions.

Bride entering into the Sangeet hall with her aunt, Raji.

Bride all glammed up for the event

The real stars of the wedding.  Haha! 

 Bride and groom watching the dance and music

Girls are performing the Dhandia (stick dance)

Of course, no Indian dance party is complete without Bhangra dance

Bride entering the dance floor

As the groom enters, confetti showers the couple

Soo in love...

Family and friends rejoicing the moment

Dancing away

Stay tuned for more of the wedding in future posts.

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  1. Oh Komaly, what a beautiful and fun wedding it seems! The dresses are stunning and so are all the women. I think your niece looks like you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So happy you are sharing your photos with us along with the details about weddings in India. Fascinating!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing photos:)