Thursday, February 27, 2014

Indian Wedding 2: Bride making ceremony

This is the continuation of my nieces wedding in India. Traditions, rituals, and customs symbolyze Indian weddings. On the day of the wedding, the house is decorated with gardlands of marigolds and the ritual of making the bride begins.

Making the bride involves women applying the turmeric, sandal wood powder and sunnipindi (a lentil based powder equivalent to our modern day scrub) along with oil to the bride. It is something similar to the bride getting a facial and scrub before the wedding. Only women are invited to this ceremony.

The stage is ready for the bride to arrive

Turmeric is to cleanse, sandal wood powder is for the aroma, and turmeric tinted rice symbolyzes prosperity.

All the young girls are watching the process so intensely

Even though rituals have evolved since traditional times, some rituals, like bride making, still continue.

 Meanwhile, the guests receive a gift from the family

After the ceremonial bath, the bride is all ready for the evening wedding

Stay tuned for more of the wedding in future posts.

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  1. Thank you for sharing a look into this beautiful ceremony. I look forward to seeing more of the wedding.