Thursday, June 26, 2014

Indian Weddings

June is the season of weddings. This year I am fortunate enough to attend four Indian weddings. Even though they are all Indian weddings, each of them is uniquely different from the other. Last weekend we attended a one of our good friend's daughter's South Indian wedding. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, Indian weddings are unique to the region that the bride or groom's parents are from.  Indian weddings are always magical, rich in the traditions, customs, silk sarees and jewelry that go along with it. Guests at the wedding are treated to a feast of mouth-watering Indian appetizers, curries, and desserts.

Flower studded elephants are welcoming the guests.

 Mandap is all ready for the grand event

The priest is getting ready for the wedding

The walkway is adorned with rose petals for the bride to walk on

All ready for the ceremony

Garland exchange during the ceremony

The view from the mandap

Religious rituals

With my daughter 

The next wedding post will be all about the reception.

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  1. Beautiful. Lots of vibrant colors .


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