Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Colors and textures of kitchen garden harvest

One of my greatest pleasures of summer is that I get to harvest from the kitchen garden and create meals around my harvest. I love to grow as many exotic vegetables as possible for my table, including red okra, green eggplant and an Indian cucumber called dosa kaya.

Two different kinds of bottle gourds (round and long), and ridge gourd

Indian beans and the ones that look like baby watermelons called tindora (ivy gourd)

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  1. my goodness...I'm gonna keep on fainting whenever I see your kitchen garden post! I'm always AAAHHhmMazed & blown-away by all the fruit/veggies you harvest from your garden! u are quite incredibly blessed, indeed! thanks for sharing your bundle of love & joy with us..xo

  2. Absolutely beautiful---each a miracle of seed and sun and whatever genes tell them what they will grow to be. Such bounty and such hard work---I so enjoy watching your garden as it grows and blooms and bursts forth into such colorful treasures. Several of these, I've never tasted, but I think I'd most love those little light-bulb cucumbers. They look sweet and tender and crisp, and I've always been one to enjoy tomato or cucumber right off the vine, with never a trip into the house---one magical wipe down a shirt-front and they're ready..

    Always amazed at what miracles your hands call forth,


  3. This is the gift basket we like to recieve - fresh vegetables from the garden and seeds -

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