Monday, July 7, 2014

Miniature garden

When we had our garden tour, I created miniature gardens across the property for the visitors to pause and smile at. There is something adorable about miniature gardens that everyone likes. My first miniature garden was built around the story of my household, whereas this one has a woodland farm theme. I confiscated my daughter's childhood stash of mini toys to use as figurines for this garden.

This is how it started

Now it is filled with moss and looks like a real farm land with a picket fence

It looks like the sheep is very hungry and eating all the grass 

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  1. I really love it. Its adorable!


  2. Hi Komali, how are you, loved the post of the mini gardens, so sweet, so happy your garden tour turned out to be good for you, I bet the guests loved those mini gardens, hope your book is selling good for you, loved this post, come on over for a visit...

  3. LOVE IT! So far, I've created 3 miniature gardens this summer. 1st-fairy theme, 2nd-village theme & third-barn theme. They are truly addicting. Please keep posting MORE about your garden...they will never be too much for me! I hope to be such a garden expert like YOU!

  4. so adorable! We are dreaming of making our own fairy garden, hope it turns out as nice as yours!

  5. I've always loved these mini fairy gardens! So enchanting!