Sunday, April 5, 2015

Las Vegas floral inspiration

Last week I was in Las Vegas for a mini family get-together. People go to Las Vegas for a different reasons, some for gambling, some for eating, and for people like me, for flowers . I love Las Vegas flower shows with out a doubt. There were so many aooooooooooohhs and ooooohs as I was walking through. I always come home with lots of floral inspirations.

This is all about the Wynn casino lobby

 Beautifully landscaped

I am where the flowers are 

Massive flower arrangements above the eye level make a big impact and catch the attention of people who are walking by

Gloriosa lillies, my favorite

Beautifully accessorized tables

I enjoyed walking through the canopy of beautiful trees with flower balls hanging from the branches

Can't you tell I was glued to that walkway? Walkway has beautiful mosaic art work on the floor. Beautiful trees, filtered light, hanging flower balls...I love that setting 

The next post will be all about a Japanese garden from the Bellagio conservatory.

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