Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Garden tour II

I know this post is way overdue. Here is the continuation of the garden tour. The third garden we visited was the Renick garden. This is a small garden compared to other gardens on the tour but it is big on style. Canary yellow iron gates welcome you to a colorful tropical paradise.

As soon you enter the garden, you see this giant driftwood with butterflies.

A koi pond is nestled against the wall.

This garden is filled with rare and unique plants. The following tree is called Suryanam cherry. Those cherries tasted as good as they looked.

Spanish moss is hanging on the trunk. Spanish moss is an air plant. You can successfully grow Spanish moss by misting it with water now and then.

Bromilaids collection

Mango tree

Tree fern trunks are used as planters in this corner

Throughout the garden, walls are painted with canary yellow and brick red. Luscious tropical foliage stands out against these colored walls.

Garden No:4
As you walk through the side yard, there was a fruit orchard and a 12,000 gallon Koi pond.

A bronze statue of Judge Judy gazing at the rose garden

This is the sight as we were entering the backyard. We were literally gasping for breath looking at this train collection. A railroad models the rio grande narrow gauge 1.20 scale on over 1000 feet of tracks. A friend of the homeowner who works for Disney created the stone reliefs, and an artist painted the murals adoring the walls.

Sound effects and honkey tonk music complete the scene

I am sure Sheldon Cooper would not have moved an inch from this sight.

The train winds its way through the villages, bridges, businesses, and homes that meanders the length of the 1.5 acres lot and serves as a backdrop to the garden.

Tons of decomposed granite are filled to a perfect viewing height and form a variety of mountains, valleys and landscapes that set the scene for the trains to chug through.

Extraordinary scale and detail in every inch of this space.

Don't you think this bridge looks so real?

In the covered pergola, there is a train water fountain.

On the way out, I couldn't help but photograph this gigantic pomegranate tree in full bloom.

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour. 

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  1. Wow! What a garden! I'm sure that was a labor of love as it is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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