Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Indian wedding: The Best Mehindi Party

This is the season  for weddings. We have been busy with attending our friends' children's weddings for the last three weekends. Of all the weddings I have attended this year, this one stood out with the decor, food and fashion.
The mehindi(henna) party is one of many festivities of the Indian wedding. Typically the bride's side of the family hosts the Mehindi party a day or two before the wedding. Traditionally, the bride gets her mehindi done first, followed by her mother and siblings and finally, the wedding party. It is a super fun event to attend. 
The mehindi party that I attended was fun, festive and not to mention a gorgeous setting at the St. Regis Monarch Beach and Resort at Dena Point, CA.

As you enter the site, there was a wall created with all the flowers that were used in the centerpieces. It was the perfect back drop for the picture-taking.

There were many small tents to give the feeling of a someone's living room with comfortable furniture with lots of flower arrangements, colored accents and candles. Wow! Simply stunning!

There was enough seating for all the guests comfortably linger and socialize.

Spectacular flowers - peach, pink and red roses, peonies and a touch of bougainvillaes with perfect lacy greens

Proud father and the bride

It looks like the bride's mom is dressed in the most beautiful saree to coordinate the flowers

Love the bead work on the dress

One spectacular dress! Isn't it?

I like the accent of purple in the arrangement. It was a pleasant surprise to see a well-known florist use bougainvilleas to bring the color purple into the arrangement. Many times I have been hesitant to use bougainvilleas in my arrangements because of their papery look

Glowing bride

The bride is all ready for the next day wedding with henna hands

Stars of the event, the bride and groom

More flowers

One of my favorite appetizers that were passed around during the event were stuffed portobello mushrooms coated and deep fried and served with tamarind sauce. Delicious..


Elegantly dressed guests

The finale to the grand dinner was a whole fruit bar with falooda ice cream.

There will be more on the wedding and reception. You won't want to miss it!

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  1. This is such a beautiful celebration! I love those floral arrangements... I do like the bougainvillea in them, how clever! The guests are dressed in such pretty dresses and of course the bride is beautiful! The delicate work on her dress certainly took someone som time to make! Found you through wow us Wednesday's, adding you to my bloglovin roll!

  2. Beautiful wedding, this was such a nice arrangement of sitting, specially low sitting arrangement looks royal.I can see that use of seesham wood furniture adding ethnic glamour in all events.