Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Family meals

I love family and friends to gather around the table for a meal not only to savor the food but to socialize and spend time together. My favorite place to gather for breakfast is right next to my kitchen garden.

The view is breathtaking. From here you can see the garden below, the palm trees and mountains. It's the perfect place to sit and have breakfast, don't you think?


This is another time when my friends came for a visit. Blueberry muffins are a standard at my breakfast table around this time of the year.

We enjoy many meals at this spot, including salsa and chips. 

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  1. So refreshing and inviting to look at, and I'm sure, delicious to taste. Beautiful post. Thank you.

  2. Who wouldn't want to start their day sitting at your breakfast table...beautiful scenery and delicious looking food. Thanks for sharing, Komali.

  3. Thank you...It's beautiful! Those faraway mountains are dreamy. Everything on this inviting table looks so delicious! Are those apple or pumpkin shaped fruit salad dishes? Such a nice touch!