Monday, July 20, 2015

Kitchen garden tour in July

For past two days, it has been raining in LA, which is very unusual. Here in California, we are in the middle of drought, desperate for rain. When we see rain, we feel like celebrating with a happy dance. My kitchen garden is very happy soaking up all rain drops. Here is what is growing in my kitchen garden.

Sun gold tomato. It is my favorite salad tomato. If you never tried growing this tomato, give it a try. I am sure you won't be disappointed. 

Indian red spinach

Indian sorrel (gongura), very popular South Indian green vegetable. I make chutney and curries with it

I do pause and enjoy the view often. I love the view from here.

Ridge gourd. It tastes more like zucchini

Bitter melon. Very good for people with diabetes.

Bitter melon greens are popular greens to stir fry in Philippine.

Bulls-blood beets. This particular variety of beets are primarily grown for leaves to eat in salads and stirfrys.

Rainbow swiss chard. I stir fry leaves with olive oil and garlic. Delicious!


Indian beans

Opo squash

With all the vegetables there are many herbs I grow in the kitchen garden.


Ivy gourd(tindora) vine. An another favorite vegetable of mine

Komali's kitchen garden is not complete without myriad of chilies. I like spicy food. 

Variegated sage

Through out the kitchen garden, many terracotta pots filled with herbs

Sweet potato vine. I learned very recently that you can eat sweet potato greens. 

Super green kale

Curry leaf plant. Curry leaf is a herb widely used in South Indian  cusine.

Tamarind tree. I don't know whether I will be able to get tamarind out of this tree, but I am planning to use tamarind greens in dals and curries.

Hope you enjoyed touring my kitchen garden. There are many more herbs and vegetables share in future posts. 

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  1. Love your kitchen garden... wish i could have something like this, to walk up to and grab fresh vegetables for the day...:)
    Stopping by from


  2. Wow, what a beautiful garden. Love it! You must have a green thumb :)


  3. splendid ! I always drool over your vegetable garden.
    that's pure nirvana.
    my dad cultivates just like you do - and it is privilege to cook out of fresh produce

  4. hi Komali, Very nice garden. Lush and green and plentiful...Am curious to know if you will be willing to sell a tindora cutting...I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to grow it from seeds and most places I located are out of tindora cuttings.