Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chai and garden tour with the friends

My favorite way to relax is sit in the garden and drink chai with friends. This morning I invited a few of my friends for chai after yoga.  My favorite place to entertain is always right next to the kitchen garden. The friends who came over are avid gardeners. After a good workout, it was nice to talk about plants while sipping chai. It is always nice to exchange ideas about the hobby of gardening that we all are very passionate about.
The menu was very simple, olive oil cake, Greek yogurt with pomegranate-berry-ginger sauce and masala chai.

Olive oil cake is so light and delicious. Perfect bite with chai.

After chai, it was time for a garden tour. Some of them have not seen my chicken coop. It was nice to share my chicken stories.

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  1. Komali, I love your photos so much. I feel I could almost step into them. Your tea looks divine! I wonder if I could entice you to share your posts over at my linkup Five Star Frugal, where we share ways to live elegantly for less. Tea with friends certainly fits the bill, and I just know I have lots of new followers-in-waiting for you. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Komali, lovely spread.What better way than to share a cuppa that cheers with friends! The olive oil cake looks delicious.