Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Touring the orchard

This is the time of year that every fruit tree in my orchard is bearing fruit. I can say that the fall season is fruit heaven in the garden.


Candy striped figs


Persimmons getting ready for fall

Entire orchard is situated on the slope




 Sutsuma tangerines are getting ready for winter

Blank CDs are hanging on jujubee trees to protect the fruit from the birds. 


More apples

Red apples

I couldn't help but capture a picture of the garden from the top of the slope.

Macadamia nuts hanging from the trees at the bottom

Seedless pomegranates

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  1. Wow! You have a lot of Fall fruit on its way! What a clever idea to hang blank CDs to deter the birds... We had a heck of a time fighting them off of our peach trees... I will use this trick next year!!

  2. Stupende immagini!
    Ciao da Luci@

  3. Hi Komali,

    It's a treat seeing pictures of your garden and reading about it. Back in Bangalore, I'd enjoy pomegranates and guava - both the seedless kind, in our yard. Oh, what joy! But here in the US, haven't found them, either as ready to eat fruit or to grow my own. Would you mind sharing where you got the saplings from, for the seedless variety? Thanks, girija

  4. wow!! Your garden/orchard looks beautiful! you must be multi talented to maintain this along with cooking and entertaining!!