Sunday, January 17, 2016

Creating plants from cuttings

Even though it is the middle of winter, I am already dreaming about my spring/summer garden. This year I am planning my Spring garden with vibrant colors. I am more of a foliage lover. I like to have colorful plants throughout the garden especially on my patio. The reason I like foliage is because when you plant interesting foliage plants you get to enjoy beautiful colored and unique foliage throughout the season.

To plan a spring garden, one of the thing I do is make more plants from the existing plants. Rooting plant cuttings is the easiest technique to make more plants. It is a more economic way to plant opulent garden.

I have decided to make more plants from my favorite plants coleus, geraniums, Persian shield and blood coleus from my patio.

Soft wood(fresh and new growth) cuttings are the best for rooting. I use a sharp pair of pruners to make cuttings from the mother plant.

 Before you make the cuttings look for the nodes. Nodes are the place where the leaves and branches grow. The cut should be just below the node. Clip the leaves off the lower third of the shoot so you have a bare stem to insert in potting soil.

Fill small pots with a drainage hole with well-drained soil and pre-moistened soil. Make a hole with a pencil in the middle.

Dip the end of the stem in rooting hormone (rooting hormone such as Rootone is available in nurseries. This will help cuttings to root more quickly). Immediately insert cutting in the hole.

Some plants are easier to root than others. Keep the soil moist all the time. It will take anywhere between 6-8 weeks to root. Patience is key.

First, I started with my favorite plant: Persian shield

Keep some of the leaves on the cuttings for photosynthesis purposes

Blood coleus is ready to go through major trimming

and coleus

Gathered assorted cuttings

Hope all of them root and survive!

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