Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Garden party 3: Garden tour

This is the continuation of garden party series of posts after the harvest and the centerpieces. On the day of the party, we started of the party with tomato tasting and garden tour.
I forgot to photograph, the actual tomato tasting(it is hard to be the host and a photographer). 

Small basket full of cherry tomatoes are as party favors to all attending guests.

Part of tomato tasting from on of the guests cell phone

After touring the main garden, everyone headed towards their favorite destination, the kitchen garden. If you are a regular reader to my blog, you know that my kitchen garden is on top of the hill.

 As we headed towards kitchen garden we harvested some ripened figs on the way to snack on. They are as sweet as candy

Left side of the kitchen garden

As you see in frunt of the kitchen there is a picket fence. Without wasting any space, I grow tindora and squash on the picket fence. 

Red spinach


Turmeric plant. Turmeric root grows under ground just like ginger

bitter melon

Ridge gourd vine

Beans on the other side of the fence


Indian cucumber(dosa kaya)

Of course, never ending supply of tomatoes

 Moringa tree

Ripened chillies to make pickle

My guests were very impressed to see all different kinds of vegetables growing in the garden.

After the garden tour, we headed towards farm to table dinner. Next post will feature the dinner.

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  1. I look forward to your virtual kitchen garden tour every year!